The Westin Hotel in Perth, Australia dresses up with design panels made by Bateig natural stone

design panels made by Bateig natural stone

The Westin Perth Hotel located over than 14.300 km from Alicante, a hotel which could be act as Art Gallery. Perth city has been erected as a first-class tourist destination, where culture and art are well-founded. 

Since the architectural project of Westin Perth began, where is the main contractor was a BPI Group, the art represent a fundamental component for the hotel complex. Predominantly aimed at give sense of the unique personality and essence of Perth and Western Australia, through the different of artistic pieces. Bar Studio, important architectural office from Melbourne (Australia), replicates these concepts by architect Steward Robertson, responsible for lead this project.

In the collection of works, that we could find inside of the hotel, the art be seen mainly through the sculpture and painting. To that end, the Bateig stone was an ideal base on which a different artists projected their vision.


Five creations are reflected in various artistic panels on Bateig stone


Up to five natural stones panels of different dimensions congregate in The Westin Perth hotel. The Lobby Bar, the Hall, the main entrance and columns are harbour these work of arts.

Bateig´s stones panels were designed by local artists such heterogenic, as Claire Beausein, with great experience to the handmade paper as a means traditional and contemporary, or Lena Nyadbi, indigenous modern painter of the Warmun´s community from Kimberly region, Western Australia. Both of them are inspired by culture and demographic history´s habits, by nature and wealth of their land.

That way, Claire Beausein is inspired by nature, creating representative art pieces. For its part, Lena Nyadbi gets carried away by their roots, representing spearheads and areas where she used to live, that remind the life on the indigenous communities and rural.  In the works of both of them, the materials of natural origin are ever present.

To reflect clearly the works of performers, Bateig carried out of meticulous work of CNC machines. Overall, the project had been supplied in natural stone of the variety Bateig Beige Verona sandblasted. The design panels of major dimensions, some of them 8 x 4 m, made with pieces of 1 x 1 m, 5 cm thick, form the final patchwork. 

To interior design panels made by Bateig stone, are further compounded the exterior façade. With a total of 3.500 m2, consisting of various measures pieces, some of 182 x 50 cm and 150 x 50 cm, 3 cm thick. The rigorous and delicate work of colocation was carried out by company Piedra Ltd with an excellent result.


Ultimately, a hotel in which art flow the walls decorates rooms and embraces panels made with Bateig natural stone in which you will be able to recreate yourself and find Perth’s essence.

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