The enological heritage on the Bateig quarry

Those shelters, as the mineral exploitation and loading dock, were restored and posts in value by Bateig Natural Stone. The restoration project was carried out by the commitment made in this day by our company to the municipality of Elda, in order to protect this heritage an exemplary action.   The diverse restoration work and conservation […]

Bateig Stone for the Museum of Art Blanton in Texas

On 17th February this year it was inaugurated “Austin”, the only building designed by the artist Ellsworth Kelly. He gave the project to the Blanton Museum of Art, in Austin, Texas, situated in the campus of the University of Texas. The Project, with a cost of 23 millions of dollars obtained through a fund-raising promoted […]

Decoration trends in natural stone 2018

The natural stone is a material with a lot of personality. As this is a natural element their characteristics make it unique, there are not two equal projects. Meanwhile, the latest trends in decoration promote creativity and exclusivity of each corner in our home. Bateig stone can offer you up to 6 different varieties, which […]

Natural Stone Bateig in historical building

The Bateig Stone offers numerous outdoor and indoor design options. Thanks to the innate beauty of the natural stone and its robust looks, covering facades of historical buildings is one of the most spectacular uses. The historical buildings present harmony, which converges art and design, making essential the presence of ornamental elements. Therefore, it is […]

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