Bateig wishes you merry Christmas!

Once again, Christmas is here. As a consequence, it’s time to evaluate and think about the lasts months, since in a few days we will be saying goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017. For this reason, it is a good moment to stablish the New Year’s resolutions for this new period, although we already know […]

Bateig blue limestone, characteristics and uses

Bateig blue limestone is a type of natural stone, which can be generally used as an ornamental or building material. Due to its petrology and physical characteristics, this biocalcerinite is suitable for different projects such as walls, floorings, furniture or cladding solutions. Bateig blue limestone extraction is done in our own quarries uninterruptedly. To do […]

Natural Stone finishes and textures

At the present time, natural stone can be worked in many different ways and, consequently, several finishes are available so as to create beautiful and original atmospheres. The wide range of textures offered is proof of the versatility and adaptability of the material. Bateig natural stone features a high degree of homogeneity due to the […]

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