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Bateig blue limestone, characteristics and uses

Bateig Blue Limestone
Bateig Blue Limestone

Bateig blue limestone is a type of natural stone, which can be generally used as an ornamental or building material. Due to its petrology and physical characteristics, this biocalcerinite is suitable for different projects such as walls, floorings, furniture or cladding solutions.

Bateig blue limestone extraction is done in our own quarries uninterruptedly. To do so, we employ methodical and professional procedures. The use of this material is widely spread but only Bateig Piedra Natural, S.A. guarantees the most professional exploitation, elaboration and distribution of this limestone.

Bateig blue limestone possible uses

Due to its appearance and colour, blue limestone is able to create beautiful contrasts with other materials like face-bricks. Besides, its combination with other natural stone types and finishes generates stunning colour mixtures. This amazing facade is an example, where Bateig blue limestone and Bateig Diamante have been successfully combined.


Blue limestone is a really homogeneous material suitable for interior and exterior areas. For this reason, it is commonly used in facades cladding and exterior areas like terraces. Nonetheless, it can also be found in some other inner elements as floors or furniture.


It is also important to mention blue limestone bathrooms, where impressive bathtubs, minimalist sinks and elegant cupboards can be found. Stone is a resistant, beautiful and versatile material that can be combined with other classic matters.


To conclude, we wanted to emphasize that blue limestone can be used in many different ways. Its physical properties make it a great material to decorate spaces. In most of the cases, the results are original, creative and outstanding. If you are looking for amazing colour combinations, this material denititely should be taken into consideration.

Bateig blue limestone is suitable to be used in any kind of project around the world.