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Natural stone characteristics, a long-lasting building material

Natural stone is a building material which has been used since Prehistory. Some of its most remarkable features are its low environmental impact, as well as its high durability. Besides, it also offers a wide range of possibilities and uses. The stone industry has become extremely important over the years, since stone was the first material used to make tools.

Its consistency made the material an ideal candidate to be used in the construction of walls and houses. As a consequence, the masonry became one of the most important trades of the moment. Nowadays, the stonemason is still in charge of extracting the raw material from quarries.
The main difference is that, at the present time, technology helps the worker to shape the stone, according to the customers’ needs.

Natural stone characteristics: natural stone types for the building sector

There are several types of stone: granite, slate, marble… and each one is different according to its origin. For this reason, not every variety is suitable to be used in all sorts of building. One of the types with more adaptability and versatility is the limestone. Limestone normally consists on big rocks which contains high doses of calcium carbonate. This compound makes them more flexible and strong with high resistance to impacts and different temperatures.

Our natural stone, extracted from our own quarries, belongs to the limestone variety. Bateig natural stone is a high-quality material that is available in large amounts. It is normally used to decorate inner and outer spaces in any of its versions: Beige, Azul, Diamante, Fantasía, Galaxy and Maroc Claro. Furthermore, every type is characterized by its homogeneity, weather adaptation, resistance over time and malleability.

Natural stone characteristics

Natural stone main uses

Natural stone is the result of the geologic formation process that took part in our planet millions of years ago and one of its main features is the wide range of colours available.

Limestone can be used in many different building projects such as foundations, facades and cladding. Besides, it is also suitable for architectural projects and inner decoration (stairs and balustrades, tables, shelves, fireplaces and benches). Interior and exterior floorings can be made of limestone and, of course, it is also recommendable for masonry. Natural stone characteristics made this material an ideal candidate for historic buildings restoration too.

When starting a natural stone project, it is vitally important to analyse and understand its physical and chemical features. The technical data sheet must always be provided by the company in charge of the exploitation and distribution of the material. That is the best guaranty to be sure that the limestone is suitable for the project.

Natural stone characteristics

To conclude, in case the distribution company doesn’t take charge of the installation, it is advisable to take a look at all the recommendations to get it done properly. That is the best way to get excellent and outstanding results.

A company whose natural stone has been awarded with approved seals of quality is a guaranty of excellence in the sector.