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Natural stone for outdoors, sophisticated and elegant terraces

Natural stone terraces are beautiful, versatile and timeless. Its warm tonalities such as the beige colours make the stone suitable to be combined with other materials like wood, steel or even natural textiles… It is an amazing way to decorate outer spaces at home. But, be careful, because natural stone has an economic competitor: the artificial stone. Natural stone prices for outdoor areas tend to be higher than the prices from the artificial one. Nonetheless, natural stone has some inherent features and advantages that should be outlined:

Natural stone for outdoors, a wide range of possibilities

Natural stone offers a wide range of possibilities when used for terraces. In our case, we own 6 different types of natural stone with diverse features. This fact makes the material suitable to be used in too many ways. Some of the most demanded uses are the following ones:

Natural stone floorings

piedra natural para exterior

They are cosy and comfortable. Besides, from polished finishes for minimalist constructions, to textured finishes for rustic projects. At this point, it is imperative to emphasize the importance of installing natural stone properly. For this reason, we strongly recommend to follow the indications of our specialists.

Natural stone staircases

piedra natural para exterior

This element is generally used to connect different areas and it is commonly employed in outdoor spaces. Natural stone staircases complement natural stone floorings and, when used without a stair rail, the results are simple and beautiful. Furthermore, as in the case of floorings, natural stone staircases can be made with different finishes and textures.

Natural stone facades and walls

piedra natural para exterior

One of the most demanded ones. Natural stone facades can be used in too many ways, from building cladding to private terraces. The walls and balustrades, besides, are great options to divide spaces in outdoor areas. This is an amazing way, for example, to separate the barbeque zone from the swimming pool area.

Natural stone masonry

piedra natural para exterior

Masonry is another interesting way to decorate a terrace. As outlined in a previous post, there are different masonry types depending on the results we are looking for. Furthermore, it is also important to emphasize that masonry is an amazing way to reuse natural stone excesses from other projects.

Decorative ornaments

piedra natural para exterior

There are quite options when decorating outdoor spaces. Stone sculptures, jardinieres and fountains are, for example, good choices to embellish the garden area. Besides, for this kind of works, knowledge and Numerical Control (CNC) machinery are essential, since it offers the possibility of working the stone precisely with several textures and finishes.

Natural stone for outdoors is an amazing way to create elegant and relaxing areas at home. Regardless of it is a corporate building or a private house, natural stone possibilities for outdoor use are varied and diverse.

We have more than 138 years of experience developing stunning projects in natural stone.