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Nordic style decoration with natural stone; Minimalism and creativity

The Nordic style decoration has been in vogue for the lasts few years. Nonetheless, despite this fact and according to experts, this trend will remain for at least a few more seasons. The main reason of its huge success could be the fact that it is based on the idea of simplicity and adaptability, which makes it a suitable style for any kind of house. In any case, what is patently obvious is that this type of decoration is one of the most demanded ones these days.

Its origin dates from the middle of the 20th Century and it is native to some northern Europe countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, among others. This decorating style bases on strengthen the natural light, since it is originally thought for cold areas, where summers are brief and shorts.


How to achieve a Nordic style decoration with natural stone

nordic style decoration
Bateig natural stone wall and staircases

The Nordic style decoration is characterized by its subtle colours, which can be black, white, grey, pastel brown, camel or even medium brown tonalities. Nonetheless, we can also find other pastel tonalities that are perfectly compatible with this decorating style. The main goal, in this case, is to achieve plain spaces decorated with just a few fresh and neutral colours.

Regarding the Nordic design furniture, it normally tends to be based on clean lines with minimal ornamentation. The equipment colours, as we were saying before, also need to be discrete and subtle. The main purpose, therefore, is to create beautiful spaces full of light. For this reason, the Nordic style is completely recommendable for dark and little spaces.

It is also important to consider that the Scandinavian design usually employs natural materials to decorate spaces. Some of the most recommended ones are wood and natural stone, due mainly to its neutral tonalities. Both are suitable materials to decorate spaces based on this decorating trend.

Natural stone floorings, lined walls, different kind of tables, staircases, balustrades, fireplaces or even bathroom furniture… Natural stone offers a wide range of possibilities to achieve a Nordic style decoration in our home. It is also possible to combine these materials with other elements such as linen cloths, wood or cotton.

The Nordic style is, therefore, a great option to decorate spaces. It is bright, modern and subtly vintage. It is definitely a nice way to highlight the natural light of a room.


Natural stone will help you to create a beautiful and elegant Nordic style decoration for your home.