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Natural Stone application for interiors

Natural stone, when used to decorate interior spaces, offers unparalleled warmth and elegance thanks to the wide range of finishes available. Forget gotelé uniform walls, plaster or paper to give life to the rooms of your home.

Modern trends concentrate its attention on the fusion of materials and finishes so as to give personality and style to every corner of your house. Use natural stone to decorate the inner walls of a room or opt for using stone furniture with innovative shapes, which will definitely give the chamber a transgressive appearance.

For a long time, the application of stone has been limited to exterior spaces and a lot of people thought it was necessary to have a large house or, even, to live in the countryside to make use of it. Nonetheless, despite natural stone has always been associated with rustic decor and spacious rooms, at the present time it is one of the most flexible materials to bring sophistication and elegance to your home.


Natural Stone application for interiors; suitable for all kinds of homes

When combined with wood, the neutral colours of Bateig beige and Bateig diamante, as well as Maroc Claro and Bateig fantasia, will allow you to define and style the structure of the central wall of a room. On the other hand, if you are a minimalist and you prefer steely materials, Bateig azul and Bateig diamante colours will absolutely help you to create perfect spaces, sober and sophisticated, completely up to date with the newest trends in decorative furniture of straight lines.

Natural stone is characterised by its flexibility, since it provides a wide range of colours and finishes to play with. For this reason, it is completely possible to opt for uniform colours to decorate a room or, even, tile games which will definitely create an original and unforgettable atmosphere.

natural Stone application for interiors

In conclusion, natural stone is a powerful material which can be used to dress up every part of the house, from walls to floors. It is also possible to combine its different finishes and play with its location, using them half way up walls or creating visual effects by placing them just in some columns of the room.


Natural stone applications for interiors are infinite and, for this reason, it will make your home stand out from the rest