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Natural Stone design panels, the art of treat this authentic material

Would you like to decorate a wall of your house or office with a stylish touch? The natural stone design panels are your solution. This material is perfectly malleable and fits multiple uses. One of the most common ways is the covering of facades and walls.

The natural Stone already offers highly genuine and unique results. Moreover, the possibilities and opportunities of the stone are multiplied thanks to it is possible to carve all types of relief. This material is able to satisfy the most special preferences. With our CNC machines we can make from classic finishes, like antique or bushhammered, to custom design.

Bateig fabric is equipped with 6 CNC machines, dedicated to all type of custom projects. Our qualified staff handles the setting for the guidelines of natural stone works. With advanced technology of our machinery we can develop a plenty of different projects.

The relief on the natural Stone can be projected on any area. Whether as specific decoration for one wall in the house, or on the exterior facade of the office. The elements, brands or texts, will look unique in natural stone.

Variety of themes can be lead in Natural Stone design panels

natural stone design panels

One of the most interesting projects made with design panels it is International Airport in Singapore (Changi). Texts and nature motives of Asian culture are the protagonists of numerous walls of Terminal 3. Here you can see more details.

Lastly, the natural stone design panels can be reproduced on any of six varieties of Bateig stone. Moreover we can develop the projects with different types of natural stones, like in Singapore airport. For unique results and inimitable project, nothing quite like incorporate different finishing with design panels.

This is therefore one of the different uses of stone with personality and creativity. The natural stone design panels can become authentic work of art.