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Bateig Piedra Natural obtains Global EDP Sustainable Company Certification

Committed to meeting the demands of its customers, but also to sustainability, Bateig Piedra Natural has obtained the global EDP Sustainable Company Certification, an international guarantee awarded by AENOR. This certificate is a helpful tool that identifies and manages risks and opportunities for the company within this area. Moreover, it recognizes the efforts made over the last few years by the company.

Energy efficiency, emission reduction, renewable energy… these are the key aspects that have helped to obtain the Global EDP certification.

Convinced that sustainability is a key element for the future, Bateig has been evaluated in different areas that have helped to obtain this accreditation. These are detailed below:

  • Energy efficiency: The company, specialized in the extraction and transformation of natural stone, has implemented different measures to reduce its electricity consumption by installing LED lighting equipment, as well as optimizing production processes.
  • Emission reduction: During the last five years, Bateig Piedra Natural has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use of renewable energy: The company uses renewable energy for 100% of its electricity consumption.
  • Waste management: Moreover, a waste management system has been implemented  that minimizes waste generation and maximizes recycling.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Bateig Piedra Natural is committed to the environment while supporting social and environmental initiatives.

These principles mentioned above are established by the United Nations (UN), which has been working since 2007 to achieve climate neutrality. They developed the UN Climate Neutrality Strategy, which, on an annual basis, collects and analyzes information provided by UN system bodies regarding their environmental impacts, among others. This information is published in the “Greening the Blue” report.

Therefore, obtaining the global EDP sustainable company certification is a recognition of the efforts and commitment that Bateig Piedra Natural undertakes in terms of sustainability, a key element that will be the future of the business which Bateig continues improving on a daily basis.

Thanks to this certification, Bateig does not only offer a natural product, but also demonstrates that its product is suitable for those projects that require measurable evaluations in terms of environmental aspects. It also reflects the added value that Bateig respects the environment and the health of workers and end consumers.