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Decoration trends in natural stone 2018

The natural stone is a material with a lot of personality. As this is a natural element their characteristics make it unique, there are not two equal projects. Meanwhile, the latest trends in decoration promote creativity and exclusivity of each corner in our home.

Bateig stone can offer you up to 6 different varieties, which will allow you to create tailor-made areas, based on your personal taste. Play with the aspects of the geometry, with colours and risk with natural stone in different textures. Even create design panels in diaphanous walls to make it unique.

Decoration trends in 2018 of natural stone are fully compatible with any type of home. No matter the size and the rest of materials or furniture which it is based. If something characterizes the Bateig stone is its versatility and its timelessness.

3 decoration trends in natural stone 2018

1. Kitchen made by natural materials. The area of the house with more relevance for 2018 is the kitchen. The tendencies in decoration propose countertops, benches and islands made by natural materials and wood, but minimalistic and timeless. The natural stone has emerged as ideal material where essence is simplicity, albeit with a lot of visual force. It should be noted that working with natural material as the stone, occasionally makes necessary special treatment for seal it. In this way, we will insure that Bateig stone to keep maintained as the first day.

2. Relaxed and contemporary areas. The natural stone of timeless and neutral colours that accept practically all type of materials: wood, steel, crystal… Therefore, it is a perfect material for any area of your home, both indoors or outdoors.

3. Open areas. The tendencies pushing us towards a house where limitations do not exist. In this way, it aims to integrate kitchen and living room by eliminating visual delimiters. The natural stone allows you to create these open spaces but integrated using the stylish columns and slopes.

Decoration trends in natural stone 2018


Despite the profusion, boom for colours and other decorative elements as vintage style, the latest trends in decorations are based on the minimalism, on the elegance and simplicity of simple lines. In the desire to create aseptic areas. That is dictated to the need to make our homes areas where prevail the tranquillity without losing a modicum style.

Decoration trends in 2018 in natural Stone can come true with the help and advice of a specialized and confidence company.

Bateig Piedra Natural, S.A. has more than 140 years of experience providing great results to any kind of projects presented to us.